While the experience of wealth is an envied one, inheritors of wealth and their partners know that the enjoyment of it is more complex than is readily apparent. Summer Institute is a community of inheritors of wealth and their partners who create an annual personal growth program to focus on the challenges and opportunities of inherited wealth. It is our vision to provide a safe and broad-minded community for people who have inherited wealth to share their individual experiences while growing and learning from others in an atmosphere of fun and friendship, respect and discovery. 


Now in its thirty-second consecutive year, the Summer Institute was established as an annual retreat and an ongoing community to address, in a confidential setting, the personal and interpersonal issues that accompany substantial inherited wealth. Protection from outside solicitation is paramount to our purposes. The Summer Institute has been described as a seminar, a retreat, a workshop, a growth experience and a reunion of friends.


One of the unique features of Summer Institute is that the program is facilitated by Institute alumni. The program is created and presented by men and women who have addressed the challenges and opportunities of wealth and have committed to share their experience and expertise with others in similar circumstances. The Summer Institute is a self-supporting organization and accepts no outside contributions or sponsorships.


Summer Institute attendees are members of families with multi-generational wealth. Participants have ranged in age from their twenties into their seventies, and all participants have a desire to change and grow. Many attendees come alone while others attend with their spouses or partners. Family groups have included adult siblings, and parents with their adult children and partners. Attendance is limited to 24 participants in order to create an especially comfortable, safe gathering.


A past participant described the Summer Institute experience as “a kind of retreat where you can really learn about, and talk about, all the stuff that goes along with wealth that nobody ever really talks about. Stuff like trusts with strings, or parents who want you to be some figure in the family business, or spouses who feel odd after marrying into wealth. What sets this group apart from any other is the kind of context they have. The people are warm and honest and non-judgmental. It’s the best way I’ve found to step back and take stock of what I’m doing, and to find friends who really know what the challenges are. They’ve all been there.”

People attend and return to the Summer Institute for many reasons including:

  • To experience a non-judgmental environment in which to share personal growth and let down one's guard among friends.

  • A desire to reset one's internal compass and become redirected and motivated.

  • A chance to find community amongst people who have few positive role models or opportunities for real connection.

  • A transforming experience for anyone who wants their life and their family life to have personal meaning.

Consider joining us if:

  • You are from or have partnered with or married someone from the second, third, or later generation of a wealthy family and have enough inherited wealth that you could live without working, if you so desired;

  • You are facing, or will be faced, with issues of inheritance or inherited responsibility;

  • You experience inherited wealth as a significant factor in your family dynamics and/or personal psychology; and

  • You are in your 20s or older and are willing to change and grow.