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2024 Zoom Calls

Check-In Calls

Check-In Calls will now be formatted similarly to the Small Group time at Summer Institute, and scheduled for 90 minutes of facilitated time with the Zoom open another 30 minutes for more informal conversation (“hang out time”). The day/time that works best for everyone who responded to the survey is Monday at 3:00 pm Eastern time, 2:00 pm Central, 1:00 pm Mountain, noon Pacific.  We chose the second Monday of the month, except that for April, we made it the third Monday because of the solar eclipse on April 8.


Check-In Calls on Mondays at 3:00 pm Eastern time | 2:00 pm Central |1:00 pm Mountain | noon Pacific on these dates:

  • April 15 

  • May 13 

  • June 10 

  • July 8

  • August 12

  • September 9

  • October 14

  • November 11

  • December 9

If you’re interested in facilitating any of the check-in calls, please email and let us know the date you are interested in facilitating!




SI Discussion Groups

These calls will be an opportunity to dig deep into topics of interest. We’d love your suggestions for topics you’d like to explore. Please send your ideas to with the subject line “SI Discussion Group Topic Suggestion.”

Discussion #1: Giving and Lending Money

Monday, April 29 at 3:00 ET, 2:00 CT, 1:00 MT, noon PT

This first topic often makes it to our Open Space list when we gather in person. At the last Summer Institute we decided to see how it works as an on-line discussion.

Catherine and Ellen will co-facilitate this juicy topic; both have experience with giving and lending money and will share sample agreements/documents they've used. 

Some themes we'd like to explore are listed below, but please feel free to come with other ideas you would like to discuss.  

  • What makes a "good" and "bad" loan or gift?  

  • What are our fears? What are the risks? What is real and maybe imagined?  What are the opportunities?

  • Sharing failures and successes with loaning and gifting.  

  • What are you hoping for in relation to this gift or loan?

  • How do you maintain the balance of give-and-take in a relationship, especially if you are always the one making financial gifts? 

  • What relationship to our own money/finances do we want and need before loaning and giving money?    

  • Who would you loan money to and who not?  And why?  

  • What parameters, details and expectations would need to be in place in order for you to feel comfortable?  



Inheritor Q & A

This is another topic that was proposed for Open Space at the last Summer Institute.  The Connect Committee would like to experiment with inviting people who have been vetted to attend a Summer Institute  to join alumni new and old in a safe conversation to explore questions and issues related to inheriting.  Relative newcomers Pete and Jessie are part of the Connect Committee which is designing the format.  We hope to schedule one in May as we have several people interested in coming to SI for the first time who would like to learn more about what SI is like.  Keep an eye out for that email, and if you have someone you think would like to come to Summer Institute please let Thulasi know at and she’ll set them up to talk with Susie, Bonnie, Molly or Heather.

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