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OCTOBER 6 - 11, 2021


Please join us for the first virtual Summer Institute program October 6 - 11! We’ll take advantage of the opportunity to get to know each other better as we Zoom in from our homes, and even have the chance to do some “show and tell!” 

WHAT: We are planning 13+ hours of scheduled programing over four days with the goals of: 

  • Creating a sense of community and connection;

  • Coping and adapting to intensifying and escalating change;

  • Sharing individual stories and experiences; and 

  • Being inspired to use our resources to build stronger relationships with others and ourselves, and live our life more fully.

As always, there will be provocative questions to explore with other inheritors and their partners, and two breakouts into the same assigned small group to process deeply with each other. There will also be free time to “hang out” and create the conversations you most want to have following the formal program day and over the weekend.  Some participants will have the chance to share an interest with the group. We may find that we schedule follow-up sessions to build on our virtual experience.



THE COST: $350 per person

TO REGISTER: Please email Amy at and let us know you’re planning to attend. Please mail your check (payable to Summer Institute) Amy W. Miller, Summer Institute, c/o Manageability, 1821 Hillandale Road, Suite 1B-320 Durham, NC 27705-2659. If you’d like to pay by Venmo, please email Amy for account info.

We hope you will join us for this first virtual Summer Institute experience while avoiding Covid exposure and reducing our carbon footprint!  It will use less of your time too, and you can sleep in your own bed!  As usual, we do expect you to attend all of the formal sessions listed above.  We are planning to cap the program at 24, so please sign up as soon as possible to secure your spot!


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