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Monday, October 21st – Thursday, October 24th

Departures on Friday, October 25th


White Stallion Ranch

Tucson, Arizona


The Summer Institute will be returning to White Stallion Ranch outside of Tucson, Arizona for the first time since 2019.  This relaxed and charming dude ranch has been owned and run by the True family for 55 years.  Their comfortable accommodations are surrounded by unspoiled desert, cactus and mountains.  During our program break times you can enjoy the amenities of the ranch which include a pool and hot tub, massage therapists, tennis courts, fat tire bikes, horses to visit and an area with rescue animals. We are planning one long break for those who want to go for a horseback ride.  The ranch provides van transportation to and from the Tucson Airport.  


Visit for more information about White Stallion, plus photos and descriptions of meeting spaces and sleeping rooms.


Packing and Unpacking Our Inheritances


Whether we come to the Summer Institute as inheritors or as partners of inheritors, at the beginning we all “fell into” the money and didn’t choose it.  Money — in any form, but especially in the form of inheritance — comes with baggage, whether responsibilities, expectations, messages, fears, or desires.  Some are useful, some are not so desirable. 

At this year’s SI we will explore the “stuff” in our bags, examining just what the heck is really in there?! 

Join fellow travelers through the land of inheritance to explore:

     • What are we each carrying around in our bags?
     • What do those who know us well see in our bags that might be invisible to us?
     • How did the contents get in there in the first place? 
     • Does everything serve us, and if so how? What do we want to keep?  What do we want to unpack, and how do we do that?   
     • Can we accept and fully embrace what we keep, improving our relationship with our baggage?
     • Is there anything new we want to pack for the next part of our journey?  

With our signature mix of seriousness and playfulness, we will take a look inside our “baggage” and decide what we want to keep, what to leave behind and what to transform.

The Summer Institute incorporates a balance of large and small group activities, with time for personal reflection and opportunities to socialize. Whether you've spent little time or decades pondering questions like those above, the Summer Institute will provide something of value to you.  It is our experience that what we learn and explore together leads to more open, fulfilling conversations and relationships throughout our lives.


Registration fee: $2,600 before August 12th --- $2,800 after August 12th

To encourage partners/spouses to attend together, we offer a discount for the second member of a couple sharing a room: $3,900 before August 12th --- $4,100 after August 12th


Registration fee covers program and materials; room and board for four nights; and taxes and service charges. Travel costs are not included.

Refund Policy: Participants canceling less than 30 days before the start of Summer Institute will receive full refunds, less $200 and any nonrefundable costs assessed by White Stallion.


Contact us with any questions or for additional information!

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