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Tuesday, September 22nd – Friday, September 25th

Departures on Saturday, September 26th


Being Bigger Than the Money 

Money that comes from an inheritance or partnering with an inheritor can take on an outsized power in our lives.  While financial wealth is usually intended to be an asset that increases the quality of the recipient’s life, there are many ways it can also make us feel small, overwhelmed, or even lost. Financial inheritance comes with responsibilities we may not have been trained to handle, or have interest in.   It can carry burdens of guilt and shame.  It can become a primary feature of our identity.  Our self-worth to net-worth ratio can get out of balance, and without paid work our self-esteem can suffer.  In relationships with unequal financial wealth, the money can become a third-party, disrupting intimacy.


At this year’s Summer Institute, we will explore practices designed to:

  • Put money in its place as a commodity meant to empower us to live fulfilling lives

  • Work toward a healthy self-worth to net-worth ratio

  • Get more comfortable with financial wealth being a part of our identity, with less concern about what other people think

  • Build our emotional intelligence: the ability to recognize, understand, and manage emotions in ourselves and others, so that the money may have less overwhelming influence 

  • Make choices to prevent the money from negatively impacting our most important relationships 


Our goal is to move away from feeling the financial wealth controls our lives and toward feeling we control it; using it as a tool to help us be happier, in strong relationships with others and ourselves, and living our values more fully.


The Summer Institute incorporates a balance of large and small group activities, including educational exercises, presentations, and discussions. We include time for personal reflection as well as opportunities for socializing with others.
Whether you've spent little time or decades pondering questions like those above, the Summer Institute will provide something of value to you. It is our experience that what we learn and explore together leads to more open, fulfilling conversations and relationships throughout our lives.


Wingspread Retreat & Executive Conference Center

Racine, Wisconsin

Located along the western shores of Lake Michigan, Wingspread Retreat & Executive Conference Center encompasses three unique buildings nestled on 36 acres of lush, natural landscape. The original iconic building, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and known simply as Wingspread, is the heart of this unique complex. Wingspread's  campus includes beautiful dining areas, meeting rooms with natural light and 40 newly remodeled guest rooms, and is located 35 minutes from Milwaukee and 90 minutes from Chicago.Visit the Wingspread website at wingspread.com for more information.



$3,300 before July 15th  //  $3,500 after July 15th


To encourage partners/spouses to attend together to explore new ways to think and talk about inherited family wealth, there is a discount for the second member of a couple:

$2,600 before July 15th  //  $2,800 after July 15th


Registration fee covers program and materials, accommodations, meals, taxes and service charges, and airport transfers from Milwaukee Mitchell International Airport (MKE). Travel costs are not included.


Refund Policy: Participants canceling less than 30 days before the start of Summer Institute will receive full tuition refunds, less $200 and any nonrefundable costs assessed by Wingspread.

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